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Just published an e-book about bipolar and COVID-19!

In an earlier post, I discussed 4 key tips for coping with COVID-19, and then in my last post, I wrote about COVID-19 and the mental health of health care workers. In between these posts, I realized that all the academic COVID-related research I was doing to inform my work as a public health consultant might be helpful if I summarized and distilled it for people living with bipolar disorder, their family members and friends, and so on.

And so, on May 26, 2020, I published a short (68-page) e-book, COVID-19 in Bipolar Country: Survival tips for mental stability during the coronavirus pandemic.

I wrote the e-book for people like me, living with a mental illness, for our family members and friends who want to support us, and also for healthcare workers who are under unprecedented mental stress at this time. It’s priced very low on Amazon, to make it accessible for all.

If you think this e-book could benefit you or someone you know, please check it out on Amazon!

I really hope it’s helpful to you!


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