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Happy World Bipolar Day!

Self-portrait by Vincent van Gogh

Every year on March 30th, it’s World Bipolar Day. A special day for us all to pause and reflect on this confounding disorder and how it affects us and our families. I really hope that you’re having a great day today!

The date was chosen in honour of Vincent van Gogh’s birthday (30 March 1853). This world-renowned and highly prolific Dutch Post-Impressionist painter died by suicide (by gunshot) at age 37 on 29 July 1890. He was diagnosed as bipolar ("manic depression" back then) after his death.

Van Gogh’s brother Theo was a life-long supporter and friend to Vincent. For any readers of this blog who live with a bipolar partner or family member, Theo’s example should be an inspiration.

Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

I had the distinct honour of marking World Bipolar Day this year by officially launching my latest book, Navigating Bipolar Country: Personal and Professional Perspectives on Living with Bipolar Disorder, which I introduced in the previous post.

Even our little cat wanted to get in on the unboxing action…


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